Hi there!

I'm Jim Horn, a seasoned software developer based in Vancouver, BC. Since diving into web technologies in the late 1990s, I've navigated the evolution of the internet, crafting engaging web experiences since around 2000. My journey has been marked by a passion for learning and innovation, leading me to embrace a range of technologies and methodologies.

This site is my digital playground — a place to experiment with the latest in web development, including GatsbyJS, Netlify, and Contentful. While it's definitely a work in progress, each line of code is a step towards mastering the balance between creativity, functionality, optimization, and accessibility. As this site evolves, so does my understanding of what makes the web tick. I love what I do, and therefore am doing what I love.

Hosting this site comes at almost no cost, thanks to the generosity of Netlify's free tier, Contentful's free content management capabilities, and GitHub's robust version control— all underpinned by the minimal expense of domain registration. It's a testament to the power and accessibility of modern web development tools. I even code in VS Code — also free. It's a great time to be a web developer!

As I continue to explore and expand my skill set, particularly diving deeper into TypeScript and AWS, this site will serve as a record of my journey and a showcase of what's possible. Whether you're here to learn, collaborate, or just explore, welcome to my corner of the internet.